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Sell Your Home

Well-researched Pricing
Capturing the right price in any given market is one of the most critical elements in a successful real estate transaction. Correctly pricing your property means diligently studying the market to know what interested buyers are willing to pay and to price competitively within that range. This is what will position your house to stand out against other listings.

Captivating Staging
Staging is what creates a “wow factor” when a buyer walks through the door of your property. It’s what creates an emotional response and can often be an influence on whether or not an offer is made. From maximizing curb appeal to creating a clean and open interior, I will guide you on how to capture maximum buyer interest by highlighting the unique features of your house.

Eye-catching Yard Signs
Coming soon. For sale. Just sold. You have certainly seen these signs throughout your neighborhood – and their purpose is clear: to create excitement and interest around a listing. While much emphasis is placed on online advertisement these days, many buyers still look for their next home the old-fashioned way – by simply driving around their desired neighborhood. Professionally designed signage and property fliers will market your home 24/7 and capture attention from highly qualified buyers looking specifically in your area.

Open House Strategy
Whether or not an open house is where your buyer comes from, they serve a strategic purpose – aggregating interested buyers in a specific geographic area. By showcasing your property with an open house, or simply leveraging the leads generated at another nearby open house, we will create and target a highly-qualified, localized group of buyers.

Targeted Networking
In real estate it’s not only what you know, it’s who you know. As an active member in the real estate community and our community at large, I will market your listing to top agents and buyer specialists in the area, generating excitement and ensuring maximum exposure.

Your Listing, Amplified
When you list with me, we'll have access to the Keller Williams Listing System, or KWLS. This proprietary, exclusive system ensures your property is marketed online 24/7 through hundreds of the most popular search sites.

While online marketing is critical in today’s business environment, sometimes nothing beats grabbing a pair of comfortable shoes, some fliers, and pounding the pavement. You can rest assured that if selling your property quickly and for the best price possible requires knocking on a hundred doors, I’ll do it.

High-quality, Professional Photography
Crisp, clear photos will make your property pop online and maximize visual appeal. I work with highly qualified, professionally trained real estate photographers who specialize in making your house look its absolute best.

Engaging Videography
Video is at the heart of an effective digital marketing campaign and can provide a distinct advantage in a competitive market.

Best-in-class Print Marketing
From fliers to postcards to custom lookbooks, we’ll determine what professionally printed marketing pieces will move the needle to maximize the sale of your property.

Cutting-edge Digital Marketing
With nearly 44 percent of buyers starting their search online and 95 percent of buyers looking online at some point in their home search, mastering the digital space is a must. From Google AdWords to social media marketing to my SEO-optimized website and mobile search app, your listing will shine online. It is my goal to provide innovative digital marketing strategies to ensure the right buyers find your property and take action.

Effective Email Marketing
I maintain a database of approximately ### past clients, industry contacts and community influencers with whom I maintain regular communication with. Your listing will be blasted to these contacts, and any interest shown will be followed up with further, targeted communications.

Mass Mobile Marketing
When you choose to work with me, your home will be listed on my mobile app and will be put in the hands of millions of buyers!

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